The Top Reason Why Online Matchmaking is Better Than Traditional Matchmaking

The Top Reason Why Online Matchmaking is Better Than Traditional Matchmaking

It's simple. The #1 reason why online matchmaking is superior to traditional matchmaking comes down to one word: choices. Anyone who has been on a blind date knows what that means. When your friends, family or neighbors match you with someone, you don't really have a choice in the person. You retain the choice to date the person, but you don't have the choice to meet the person. Your friend or other well-meaning connection makes that choice for you.

Why would you give up that sort of control? After you agree to meet the mutual friend, you must face the awkward, 'Will she or won't she" silence. What if you don't like the person'? Now you're forced to have the awkward, "lt's not you" conversation, whether you wanted it or not. There aren't many choices in meeting the person, and in meeting said selected mate, you are now forced into the choice of moving forward or not right in front of them.

Online matchmaking doesn't come with these awkward, tense moments. Staying in the security of your own home and controlling your own matchmaking certainly has its advantages. You can look at pictures, read descriptions, and choose who you talk to at your own discretion. You won't have to let anyone down to their face and you won't have to make excuses to your friends over why you didn't choose their match for you.

The pictures are a great plus to online matchmaking. Many of us talk about how we want what is inside a person, but come on - there's a reason the dating sites insist on an image. We are a shallow society and we browse the pictures. We look at the people we find visually appealing. You can look before you touch, If you will, and decide if the physical attraction is there before proceeding to the description.

The description is the next stop on the matchmaking choice train. You've seen the person, now you get to find out more about them. You haven't actually met anyone face to face and there are no expectant mutual friends standing by waiting for your decision. You still hold the choice to walk away or move forward without anyone knowing what choice you've made. You maintain control of the situation.

If you like the picture and you like the description, you can move forward to initiate a conversation. Again, this is completely your choice - you haven't been pressured to make conversation with anyone. Most online matchmaking sites have opportunities to poke, nudge or gently let someone know you're interested before the conversation begins. This helps you keep a high level of control over the situation.

Finally, you control if, and when, to bow out. You communicate over email and Internet connections until you both agree to a level of comfort which allows you to meet face to face. If you feel it's time to stop emailing or communicating, you can simply stop. You maintain control of the whole situation. Therefore, the #1 reason that online matchmaking is better is because of the control you maintain through the system.