Should A Woman Make The First Move

Should A Woman Make The First Move

Can you imagine yourself walking up to a tall dark handsome young man with a smile and saying 'hi am Carla mark and I represent the Pager Publishing Company'? That would be easy wouldn't it? Well now let's try something different: 'hi am Carla, you must be mark the new guy. We should be friends.' Now that's something for the discussion forums! And how the forums would buzz. As far as this issue is concerned we seem to be divided into two factions: those who see nothing wrong with walking up to a guy they like, and those who think it is absolutely forbidden to do so.

Lets start with the latter: they think it takes away from your feminine pride, takes away the thrill of a chase and they add that it makes the guy more inclined to mess up because he had little or no difficulty in getting the lady.

However, the other camp say feminine pride starts with getting yourself a man that will love and appreciate you. They say it matters not who makes the first move as long as a fruitful relationship is created. And point out that a lot of very beautiful ladies today-perhaps carried away by this thrill-wind up alone against their will.

On a neutral perspective I would say that the danger of the guy starting to mess up can be minimized if we do a little back-ground check on the guy. This is particularly easy if we see him quite often perhaps in church or any other place where we can have girlfriends to ask the questions.

Secondly, he could just have not been able to gather the guts to walk up to you. As I have said earlier, Just because he has not come up to say hi, it does not mean that he does not notice you.

Also, you don't have to do much talking. Just say hello smile and leave it at that. He would usually take it from there because you have taken some of the weight off his shoulders, making it a lot easier for him to say what he has always wanted to say.

I think it is necessary to add that the way and manner we present ourselves will go a long way to bring us the expected results and not get us mistaken for prostitutes. If you are not properly dressed please don't try this. If you have never seen the guy please don't try this. If you are in a dangerous neighborhood, especially at night please don't try this.

That said, the final choice lies with you. There is no particular rule guiding a thing like this and every girl must choose the best course for her to follow. What is good for the goose may be bad for the gander, and we must each choose for our selves whether our feminine pride or finding a man of our own will take precedence in our lives.