The Top Reason Why Online Matchmaking is Better Than Traditional Matchmaking

It's simple. The #1 reason why online matchmaking is superior to traditional matchmaking comes down to one word: choices. Anyone who has been on a blind date knows what that means. When your friends, family or neighbors match you with someone, you don't really have a choice in the person. You retain the choice to date the person, but you don't have the choice to meet the person. Your friend or other well-meaning connection makes that choice for you.

Why would you give up that sort of control? After you agree to meet the mutual friend, you must face the awkward, 'Will she or won't she" silence. What if you don't like the person'? Now you're forced to have the awkward, "lt's not you" conversation, whether you wanted it or not. There aren't many choices in meeting the person, and in meeting said selected mate, you are now forced into the choice of moving forward or not right in front of them.

Online matchmaking doesn't come with these awkward, tense moments. Staying in the security of your own home and controlling your own matchmaking certainly has its advantages. You can look at pictures, read descriptions, and choose who you talk to at your own discretion. You won't have to let anyone down to their face and you won't have to make excuses to your friends over why you didn't choose their match for you.

The pictures are a great plus to online matchmaking. Many of us talk about how we want what is inside a person, but come on - there's a reason the dating sites insist on an image. We are a shallow society and we browse the pictures. We look at the people we find visually appealing. You can look before you touch, If you will, and decide if the physical attraction is there before proceeding to the description.

The description is the next stop on the matchmaking choice train. You've seen the person, now you get to find out more about them. You haven't actually met anyone face to face and there are no expectant mutual friends standing by waiting for your decision. You still hold the choice to walk away or move forward without anyone knowing what choice you've made. You maintain control of the situation.

If you like the picture and you like the description, you can move forward to initiate a conversation. Again, this is completely your choice - you haven't been pressured to make conversation with anyone. Most online matchmaking sites have opportunities to poke, nudge or gently let someone know you're interested before the conversation begins. This helps you keep a high level of control over the situation.

Finally, you control if, and when, to bow out. You communicate over email and Internet connections until you both agree to a level of comfort which allows you to meet face to face. If you feel it's time to stop emailing or communicating, you can simply stop. You maintain control of the whole situation. Therefore, the #1 reason that online matchmaking is better is because of the control you maintain through the system.

Events And Adventures For Tampa Singles

Single men and women living in the Tampa area have 40 legitimate reasons to join Events and Adventures singles activities club during the month of March 2011. However, we are only going to tell you about a handful of them since that is all the space we are permitted.

First, if you have never heard of us, we are Events and Adventures Tampa. We cater exclusively to single men and women living in the Tampa area and our service are unique unto itself, just like our company nationwide. Events and Adventures acts as your personal event planner filling up your social calendar and that of other members month after month. Events and Adventures, plans, co-ordinates, and hosts fun activities for our members. All we ask of members is to opt-in to each event and then show up ready to have some fun. Moreover, because our membership fees are not contingent on the number of events you attend, you can feel free to enjoy them all. That means during March you could easily attend 40 events!

The month of March started with a Mardi Gras Charity Ball, and then went to new heights with helicopter tours when Events and Adventures teamed up with Safari Choppers. Next, keeping with the safari theme, members had an opportunity to tour the Giraffe Safari Park. Our Events and Adventures club members who wished to have additional feeding time with the animals needed to only make that wish known to park owners and it was granted. As you already knew, membership does have its privileges and our members always get treated special everywhere we go.

For the more athletic minded members there were tons of activities including paintball, hoops, golfing, broomball and still more sporting events to enjoy. Our club members also did a few pub-crawls and we even had an evening with comedian Larry Miller. Larry Miller is famous for his stand-up act and has appeared in more than 50 Hollywood movies, been on Leno, Letterman, and other late night talk shows.

Of course, you could attend some of these activities on your own but what fun is that? Events and Adventures Tampa offer you an opportunity to meet hundreds of new single friends all of whom want to go out and enjoy these same events and adventures alongside you. Check us out we are located at or phone us at 888-600-5999 for further information about joining.

Find Your Perfect Match Tips You Should Follow

If you want to find your perfect match, the internet is a good place to start looking. With the increasing popularity of online dating, chances are that your ideal partner may just be out there, too. With so many members out there, you may get overwhelmed easily. So, how do you start? Follow the tips listed below.

1) Draw a picture of your ideal partner.

You've done the first step. You have put together a great dating profile.. Now what? You need to know what you are looking for in a person. What's your ideal partner like? If you have to, write it down. So many candidates out there, you need to be specific of the qualities you are looking for. Physical attributes play a huge impact, but don't forget that personality is just as important.

One important thing is to not get too hung up on meeting someone who ticks every single one of your boxes. Use your idea of a perfect partner as a guide only. The last thing you want to do is miss that special someone that is right for you.

2) Be specific.

If you want to find people who have similar interests and values to you, make sure that you fill in your profile properly and state exactly what you are looking for. Write down your expectations. Don't play around if you want a serious relationship.

3) Be yourself.

True, talking with strangers may be a bit awkward. The advantage with cyberspace is that you can pretend to be confident even if you're not. No one has to know you're shaking inside. This is especially true if you are newbie in online dating. If someone contacts you and the conversation is fun and natural, this is a good sign. Don't expect to be in a relationship with the first person that contacts you. There are so many prospects out there. You need to screen them out until you find your perfect match. Don't be too serious. This experience is supposed to be fun.

4) Be fun yet cautious.

Enjoy the experience of online dating. Be sure to take care. Be fun yet safe at the same time. Should you decide to meet in person, do so in a public place to ensure safety. This is particularly true for women.

There is someone out there destined for you. When the time is right, you will meet this person. But, it doesn't hurt if you give destiny a little shove. Online dating sites might just be what you need to find your perfect match. True, you will encounter a few disappointments here and there. Remember that when you finally meet that perfect person for you it will be worth all the effort.

The Challenge Of Love And Finding A Good Person To Be With

A lot of people out there have faced the challenge of love and finding a good person to be with. When you consider successful dating it is often thought of as a relationship that has lasted a long time and one that both people were pretty happy while they were involved. It is the search for that one person or a soul mate to spend the rest of your life with that many people are looking for to call it a successful dating experience. But really that can be a lot harder to do when you think and many people have now realized that too. Because you have options to finding that so called soul mate offered online that will not always work out well. Online dating is a big industry, but lets really think about it are the chances that youll find that soul mate online very big No in most cases you will find a person who isnt interested in a long-term relationship.

But when you consider the use of a matchmaker you are looking at a system that is set up a bit better. In fact they are looking to match you with someone who you think will make the best match for you. See they will ask you questions and see what you want in that person to have a successful relationship with. You wont need to look over hundreds of profiles hoping to find your match. But the matchmaker will go over their list and provide you with a few people who they have looked at and determined you should have a successful relationship with. You can then decide from there who you want to talk to and who you may not want to contact. The next step will be in your hands after they have provided the list too you.

Most people who have tried online dating will tell you that often times there are people listed on those sites that simply want to have a casual relationship instead of anything serious. Not only that but many profiles may not even be for real people it is just a profile that has been created to make it look like the site has more people listed on it. Finding problems like this a person can quickly be put off on dating, but they really should not give up.

Instead they should take the other option that is out there to offer them a chance at successful dating, matchmaking. Look to a professional who has helped other couples meet in the past as the one that could find the best person for you to date.

Dating in The Bay Area For Professional Singles

The Bay Area is a wonderful location for both tourists and young professional singles alike, offering a wide array of things to do and see. The key to having a fun date in the Bay Area is to take your date somewhere where you both will enjoy it and feel comfortable.

A great hot spot with the professional singles is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk takes you back in time to an era where you took your date to the local carnival, showed off your strength by winning your date prizes such as stuffed animals and you dined on delicacies like hot dogs and cotton candy. Who doesn't love that time where it was a cheap and fun date that you both enjoyed? This is also great place to bring your date if this is your first date, by playing the games and riding the rides it can open a great dialogue and keep you both laughing for hours. After a day filled with games, rides and yummy carnival food you can take this opportunity to stroll the beach. There is nothing more romantic than watching the Santa Cruz Beach at night and listening to the waves come crashing in, as you get know your date better. Running your feet through the cool crisp water, as your hold your date hands and exchange stories and get to know each other better.

If your date is a sports fanatic or athletic another great dating hot spot in the Bay Area would be Snoppy's Redwood Empire Ice Arena. A day spent on the ice, can be a perfect addition to a romantic date. You can spend the day learning to skate on the ice, holding each hands, or just helping the other one from falling down. This could be a fun day full of laughter as you both try not fall on the ice. Another fun feature of the Snoopy's Redwood Empire Ice Arena is that it is decorated in Peanuts decor taking you back to your childhood days, this could bring up allot of great and interesting stories to talk about.

So, if you are in the Bay Area there is a nice variety of places for the professional single to attend, and make the most out of your dates. The Bay Area offers some unique and inspiring places to visit, while keeping your date fun and light-hearted.

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger’s New Troubles

The Millionaire Matchmaker TV show has made Patti Stanger a notable matchmaker worldwide. But she has got troubles too. Recently, she is criticized by her clients who exclaimed their reputations were ruined by the Millionaire Matchmaker TV show. Let's see what Patti has to say about that.

Dating through the Internet has never been more popular ever before. But when it comes to getting familiar with someone online, or when to meet your cyber mate offline, you'll find that anonymity of online dating is not as good as it is exclaimed. After talking with some dating experts from the online Millionaire Matchmaker, we can't help sharing the following tips with our members without any delay, as we believed that it will be helpful for those who are still in the online dating group.

According to the clients, millionaire matchmaker's comments and edits have already brought damages to their business, as they gathered at Hudson Terrace to drown their sorrows.

According to Doug Kepanis, who is a divorce lawyer from long Island, he's lost clients and was dropped as a legal expert from TruTV because of the Millionaire Matchmaker show makes him a sexist. "It's the busiest time of the year for divorces, and I haven't gotten any calls since my appearance," Kepanis said. "I have a lot of female clients -- it may have turned them away."

David Vroubel, another client of the Millionaire Matchmaker, he says the cutting and editing make him socially awkward. And more, Stanger called him "creepy" 8 times.

The other guy who also has trouble with the TV show is Jason Teich. This millionaire has been pegged as "tough-talking, heavy drinking guy from Brooklyn". According to Jason, he has not be able to get a date after the show get aired. "Producers fed me drinks and then Patti yelled at me for being an alcoholic," Teich said.

However, Patti Stanger didn't hold these views. According to her, the clients are all lying. And they are under contract by Bravo. "I don't have control over the edits, I'm not in the editing room, you're on a show. Look at the Kardashians, what do you think that is? It's a reality show." Said Stanger.

Season 5 of the Millionaire Matchmaker is about to start filming. According to sources, this will be the last season. Because Bravo produces can't deal with Stanger's demands and tantrums. Whatever the result is, we still hope Stanger will bring us some wonderful time in the new season.

What do Chinese Women Think of Western Men Nowadays?

Today, major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are heavily populated with foreigners. While the majority of these foreigners are gentlemen with good manners, there is a black sheep in every family. Earlier this year, a video was uploaded showing a British man sexually assaulting a Chinese woman on the streets of Beijing. The incident triggered some repulsion towards foreigners in China. For Chinese women in particular, the courteous and respectful image of Western men has changed in a certain way.

Nowadays, there are some mixed feelings from Chinese women towards Western men. In general, Chinese women consider most Western men to be physically attractive and financially well-off. In addition to this,Western men have many unique qualities that Chinese men do not own. For example, Western men are generally considered more open-minded, appreciative, romantic, and more respectful to their partner. They are usually well traveled, more exciting and adventurous, and know how to spice up a relationship. That is why more and more Chinese women long for the western-style romance and choose to marry Westerner.

However, the sad truth is that some foreigners in China are behaving very badly these days. They try every way to get women into bed, and even commit sexual crimes, giving all foreigners a bad name. Foreigners in China are sometimes viewed as frivolous and lustful, and it is now harder for a Chinese woman to put trust in a foreign man. So in order to win your Chinese lady's heart, you need to pay particular attention to certain things.

To leave a good impression on a Chinese woman, you need to take things slowly and convince her you're sincere and worth her time. Chinese women are generally conservative by nature. So it is totally inappropriate to send her overtly suggestive messages at the early stage of the relationship. She may feel very embarrassed and it can be a serious turn-off. It will take some time for her to develop confidence with your intentions. So go slow, and don't come on real strong. Once she has developed some trust in you and accepted the fact that you two are compatible, she will open up more about her feelings, and you can move further with the relationship.

Remember, don't rush your lady by telling her you are going to visit her after exchanging just a few letters. If you do so, she may think that you're just looking for sex or a casual relationship. So try to be patient and wait until the relationship becomes more stable. When the right time comes, she will tell you she is ready to meet you, and she is waiting for you. And when you finally meets her for the first time, try to display traditional gentleman behavior (i.e. avoid intimate physical contact), especially if she is a mature Chinese lady. This will send the right signals to her, showing her that you are someone who respects her as a female, and wants to develop a serious relationship with her. Eventually, you will win her over with your love and sincerity.

The Many Different Dating Avenues Cleveland Offers For Professional Singles

As time goes on people change, and whether you are a single or in a dating relationship one thing that remains the same is peoples desires, wishes and attractions. As we get older, we learn about new things, crave new experiences and try out new places. Cleveland offers something for everyone and is constantly bringing in new exhibits, businesses and forms of arts into the area for people to experience.

When you stop and take a look, Cleveland houses a large percentage of Ohios younger singles. This generation is one that pursues happiness within their homes and their professional lives. Offering the opportunity to regain control of ones professional and personal life. Depending one ones professional goals, Cleveland offers many different professional avenues for dating singles.

After a wonderful dinner, bring them to a place where they can stretch out their limbs and move their bodies. A great choice is at a night club where they can dance all night long and you can find your own dancing feet enjoying the floor. You could also bring them to do a simple sport like pool or mini golf. These are great games that dont require much skill and involve a lot of fun and laughter. If there is an ice-skating rink near you, that is another great activity to try out and have a little fun with. Depending on what it is you enjoy doing, and the things that your new date is interested in doing, Cleveland offers many great relationship building activities and events.

By the end of the night, it is all about relaxing and winding down for professional singles. You would do well to bring them to a tapas bar for some light snacks and hot tea or, you can even choose to bring them to a coffee shop for your favorite brew and some delicious pastries to top the night off. Winding down is the great part because it is the time where you can sit back and have some light bantering and conversation and probably ask them out on another date if everything goes well.