What do Chinese Women Think of Western Men Nowadays?

What do Chinese Women Think of Western Men Nowadays?

Today, major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are heavily populated with foreigners. While the majority of these foreigners are gentlemen with good manners, there is a black sheep in every family. Earlier this year, a video was uploaded showing a British man sexually assaulting a Chinese woman on the streets of Beijing. The incident triggered some repulsion towards foreigners in China. For Chinese women in particular, the courteous and respectful image of Western men has changed in a certain way.

Nowadays, there are some mixed feelings from Chinese women towards Western men. In general, Chinese women consider most Western men to be physically attractive and financially well-off. In addition to this,Western men have many unique qualities that Chinese men do not own. For example, Western men are generally considered more open-minded, appreciative, romantic, and more respectful to their partner. They are usually well traveled, more exciting and adventurous, and know how to spice up a relationship. That is why more and more Chinese women long for the western-style romance and choose to marry Westerner.

However, the sad truth is that some foreigners in China are behaving very badly these days. They try every way to get women into bed, and even commit sexual crimes, giving all foreigners a bad name. Foreigners in China are sometimes viewed as frivolous and lustful, and it is now harder for a Chinese woman to put trust in a foreign man. So in order to win your Chinese lady's heart, you need to pay particular attention to certain things.

To leave a good impression on a Chinese woman, you need to take things slowly and convince her you're sincere and worth her time. Chinese women are generally conservative by nature. So it is totally inappropriate to send her overtly suggestive messages at the early stage of the relationship. She may feel very embarrassed and it can be a serious turn-off. It will take some time for her to develop confidence with your intentions. So go slow, and don't come on real strong. Once she has developed some trust in you and accepted the fact that you two are compatible, she will open up more about her feelings, and you can move further with the relationship.

Remember, don't rush your lady by telling her you are going to visit her after exchanging just a few letters. If you do so, she may think that you're just looking for sex or a casual relationship. So try to be patient and wait until the relationship becomes more stable. When the right time comes, she will tell you she is ready to meet you, and she is waiting for you. And when you finally meets her for the first time, try to display traditional gentleman behavior (i.e. avoid intimate physical contact), especially if she is a mature Chinese lady. This will send the right signals to her, showing her that you are someone who respects her as a female, and wants to develop a serious relationship with her. Eventually, you will win her over with your love and sincerity.