Should A Woman Make The First Move

Can you imagine yourself walking up to a tall dark handsome young man with a smile and saying 'hi am Carla mark and I represent the Pager Publishing Company'? That would be easy wouldn't it? Well now let's try something different: 'hi am Carla, you must be mark the new guy. We should be friends.' Now that's something for the discussion forums! And how the forums would buzz. As far as this issue is concerned we seem to be divided into two factions: those who see nothing wrong with walking up to a guy they like, and those who think it is absolutely forbidden to do so.

Lets start with the latter: they think it takes away from your feminine pride, takes away the thrill of a chase and they add that it makes the guy more inclined to mess up because he had little or no difficulty in getting the lady.

However, the other camp say feminine pride starts with getting yourself a man that will love and appreciate you. They say it matters not who makes the first move as long as a fruitful relationship is created. And point out that a lot of very beautiful ladies today-perhaps carried away by this thrill-wind up alone against their will.

On a neutral perspective I would say that the danger of the guy starting to mess up can be minimized if we do a little back-ground check on the guy. This is particularly easy if we see him quite often perhaps in church or any other place where we can have girlfriends to ask the questions.

Secondly, he could just have not been able to gather the guts to walk up to you. As I have said earlier, Just because he has not come up to say hi, it does not mean that he does not notice you.

Also, you don't have to do much talking. Just say hello smile and leave it at that. He would usually take it from there because you have taken some of the weight off his shoulders, making it a lot easier for him to say what he has always wanted to say.

I think it is necessary to add that the way and manner we present ourselves will go a long way to bring us the expected results and not get us mistaken for prostitutes. If you are not properly dressed please don't try this. If you have never seen the guy please don't try this. If you are in a dangerous neighborhood, especially at night please don't try this.

That said, the final choice lies with you. There is no particular rule guiding a thing like this and every girl must choose the best course for her to follow. What is good for the goose may be bad for the gander, and we must each choose for our selves whether our feminine pride or finding a man of our own will take precedence in our lives.

Importance of Choosing a Perfect Dating Site

Human life has become extremely fast and difficult nowadays and time happens to be the most important commodity in our daily life. People spend most of the time working or doing something to earn their living; they hardly get much time to look after themselves or interact with others. Such hectic schedule often leads to problems in relationship as people cannot give enough time to their loved ones. Even the single personals do not get much time to hang out with others or find a partner of their choice. Every normal person needs a partner with whom they can spend time and share their feelings, happiness and regrets. But the daily rush and business prevents people from all these. In such situation, the internet has provided huge help to such busy people. The introduction of the free dating sites has helped the singles to a large extent to find a date for them. The online dating sites have created huge opportunity for common people to interact with other people and find a partner of their choice. The use of these free dating sites has spread all over the world and nowadays thousands of people from several countries use these websites to find the love of their life.

If you search the internet, you can find several such online dating sites; but choosing the appropriate site is a very important step that people should take. Not all dating sites can help a person succeed in his aim. People join these free online dating sites for various reasons; some people join these sites just for time pass and fun, some join in search of new friends, some people join to satisfy their physical desire and some people join these sites in search of a perfect soulmate. Anyone can use these dating sites and choose any person they like. There are several advantages that these website provide, first of all, thousands of users from all over the world use these sites, due to which a person can get numerous choice from which they can choose any they like. Secondly, surfing these dating sites saves lot of time. Time has become a very important factor in our life; people cannot get the necessary time to interact with other people. But, dating through these free dating sites do not consume much time.

A person can surf these dating sites any time they like; people can surf these sites when they are at the work place or when they return home after working all day long. Till now, numerous people have got success from these free dating sites. Some people have even found their life partners from these dating sites also. However, there are several risks involved with these dating sites also. There are many fake profiles in most of these free dating sites and the users should try to avoid these fakers by any means possible. The frauds will try to fix you up every chance they get, stay away from their traps. Leaving aside these risks in the free online dating sites, these sites are much helpful for the common people. If you are lucky, you can get huge success from these dating sites and may also get the correct person of your life.

Choosing The Singles Curse or Not

If you were in a long-term relationship and now you are single, you may be terrified, horrified or feel that you have been slapped with a curse. It can be quite a change to go from being part of a pair to feeling as though you are just floating from day to day with no attachment. The shock of breaking up can produce these effects for new singles, but in reality life for singles is what they make it.

Singles are not individuals who are sentenced to lonely lives... unless they want to be. Surely, if you think back long enough and hard enough you will remember at least one moment when you looked at someone who was single and wished that it could be you. Try to remember what made a singles life seem attractive at that moment. Then realize that this is your opportunity.

You were in a relationship and maybe you gave it your all. Now that you are single it is unfair to live in dread of the circumstances. To do so is no different than being in a relationship while secretly despising your partner.

You owe it to yourself to live it up, explore the benefits, and avoid jumping to conclusions about how terrible singles life is going to be. An ideal way to do this and to ward off loneliness is to join a online singles website and to attend singles events. No matter where you live, you can find a wide range of singles websites.

Before you object on the grounds that you are not ready to start another relationship, realize that you don't have to be. Singles sites are not forced match-making. They simply provide features that allow you to associate with other singles, including those that you would never dream of dating. Still, those individuals may be entertaining, have great ideas, and may be wonderful contacts for whatever reason. Furthermore, this type of exposure can be a very good way to open your mind and learn how to live a lifestyle that seems foreign to you at the moment.

The curse for new singles only exists when they force themselves to live like they have been forced out of the kingdom and into some type of nether world. Sulking and forced isolation are not automatic dues that come with being an ex. If you allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy your new singles status, you may be surprised how much joy comes your way and how quickly the past becomes the distant past.

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6 Signs That She Likes You

Want to know if that woman you have your eye on likes you too? Of course there is the obvious way of finding out what she thinks - you could ask her, but if you would rather approach her after you think she likes you then look for the following 6 signs.

1. A Shift in Attitude When You Are Around

You don't want to spy on her, because if you get caught spying you will ruin your chances with her, but you do want to see if you can observe her when she doesn't think you are around. Then compare that to the way she acts when you ARE around. If there is a change in behavior when you are in the room then you know that she feels differently towards you than her friends or acquaintances. This is probably the biggest sign she will give you.

For instance, if she acts silly when she's around her friends, co-workers, or even strangers but is straight as an arrow when you are around, then she is trying to be someone different when you are around, and this signifies some sort of feelings towards you. If she's not shooting you dirty looks then it's probably a good sign that she likes you.

2. A Shift in Body Language When You Are Around

This is essentially the same thing as above, but she doesn't have to display a different behaviour all together when you are around. You are looking for a clumsier, less natural, and more awkward woman than you normally see.

Basically you want to watch for body language that is at one end of the spectrum or the other. She may sit too stiff around you or too relaxed. She may walk really slow or really fast. She may do too many hand gestures or her hands may be held tightly down. The point is she is nervous around you and this causes her body language to shift into a more unnatural state.

3. She Fixes Her Hair, Clothes, Hat - Everything!

If she is constantly fixing her hair or adjusting her clothes when you are around then you can be sure she is focusing on her appearance, and that focus normally comes from thinking about what others think. I mean she doesn't fix her hair or clothes around her friends or strangers as much as she does around a guy she likes! So watch for grooming from her as a sure sign that she likes you.

4. You See More of Her Than You Used Too

It doesn't matter whether you work with her, go to school with her, or hang out with mutual friends of hers - you will see more of her if she likes you. She will make sure of that!

When I first became interested in my husband I would time my lunch to coincide with his break, just so I could be in his line of vision. I would also purposely walk past places I knew he would be at work, even though I had no reason to be there. And I tried to arrange more get together's with our mutual friends. I was a woman who was trying to get his attention, and it worked.

5. She Licks Her Lips or Tilts Her Head

These are just a couple of body language signals that a woman will send out if she likes you, but they are the most popular signals.

Doing things to her lips is an attempt to get you to notice her lips, which are supposed to be a feminine trait that attracts men. So she will bite, lick, or touch her lips while you are talking to her or looking her way.

Tilting her head is an instinctual body movement that women do when they like a guy. It's a way to show vulnerability which is an extremely attractive quality in a woman, at least instinctually.

6. She Smiles at You Often

If you always see her smiling at you when you look her way then that is a huge sign that she likes you. She wants you to feel comfortable and welcome with her and what better way to do that then with a smile?

This is also a huge sign that she's giving you to approach her. She's letting you know that she see's you and that she likes you, and it's okay to come and talk to her. Many women will not let you know that they notice you if they feel fear of rejection or are not sure if they really like you. So a direct smile can say it all!

How Safe is Phone Dating? Pros And Cons Examined

Technology has taken over the dating scene in a mighty big way and there's no turning back. There was a time when you met someone on the bus or at college, fell in love and got married. With the mass flood of information available on the internet, true crime stories on the televisions, and a dreary economic disposition, people are raising their guards. We have begun living in vacuums feeling a sense of false security in our own small worlds.

It is obvious that people are social beings, we function best when we function together. So how are people in our modern world using technology to meet other interested singles? A fascinating trend is the use of modern telephone technologies to connect interested singles over the phone. These phone dating services often require you to use your cell phone, land line phone, or VoIP phone. Phone chat lines are a means to connect people who have never met. A phone chat network provides people with the rare opportunity to meet other singles from all over the world.

Phone Dating Benefits In order to meet people face to face you need to step out of your comfort zone, which can be quite daunting for some people. Phone personals allow you to talk your heart out without ever leaving your armchair. Phone dating lines are a good way to get to know the person as best you can while you either work up the courage to meet or decide whether you want to meet.

With online dating services it is very easy to bow out of a relationship without facing any real consequences. We all know that the guilt one can experience while ending an unwanted relationship can be devastating. The anonymous nature of the internet and phone chat lines makes it very easy to end your interactions with whomever you want at any time. In everyday life, dating can be quite a different story - you may have trouble convincing a captivated swooner that the relationship is over. Stalking, vandalism and harassment are very real possibilities.

Phone Dating Negatives Most people use phone dating services as a genuine attempt to make friends, discover romance, or pursue passionate physical encounters. Generally, humankind is loving, supportive, and focused on living long fruitful lives, though there are people out who do use their anonymity to create phone personals to deceive and con lonely and vulnerable people. This is sad because it scares people away and also has a very negative impact on the true purpose of phone dating lines.

Remember, the world huge is huge and filled with all walks of life. When using a phone dating service you often do not see or really know the person with whom you are conversing. They could be one of many things including married, a sexual deviant, or possibly an ax wielding viking from 1000AD! A bit of an exaggeration, but it is better to be safe rather then sorry, protect your private information.

Also, if you do a little research, you will notice that there are many available phone dating services. Definitely take a little bit of time exploring the different services available to make sure you find one that fits you best. Buyer beware! Some phone dating services will deceive their users, some use phone operators to impersonate customers looking for friendship and romance. Often, overfly sexual introductions are a good indication of these deceptive services.

Remember, carpe diem! Dating is fun, relating is funner, don't give up in your search for the love for which every person is entitled. Have fun meeting your dates, get to know each other, and develop the bonds that unite so many! Be upfront with yourself and your partner about what you are looking for and start taking steps to make your deepest desires a reality!

Great Dating Spots For Cleveland Professional Singles

Dating is one of the most enjoyable activities to do in Cleveland. There is simply such a vast array of fun things to do in Cleveland, that finding and activity is an easy task. Cleveland is well known for its vast diversity in people, culture and arts that you live your whole life here and still not see all that Cleveland has to offer. If you are going on a first date a great place to start your date off with is at Balatan Restaurant which is located on the east side of Cleveland. If you are into authentic and ethnic food this is the place for you they feature authentic Hungarian food which is simply delicious. This is located in a neighborhood called Shaker Heights which is well known for its vast cultural diversity offering a wide variety of cuisines to the public. Now if Italian is more your style than we have a great little restaurant you must try, it is called Mayfield's Battuto Italian Restaurant.

If Art is more your style, then you may want to take your date next to Tremont Art Walk. The Tremont Art Walks is a very interesting part of town that features many different kinds of art galleries you can stroll through. The area is just filled with an air of sophistication where every single art gallery tends to carry its own theme throughout. They also boast a wide variety of artists and setups that lead to wonderful conversational pieces throughout the galleries. Even you are not a art expert, or someone who is that familiar with art, it doesn't take much to be inspired and truly enjoy these great art galleries. The nicest part of your day is you can stroll and talk and view all the artwork without having to spend a dime. This is a nice way to offer a laid back relaxed feel to your date, allowing you to truly get to know your date and also experience the rich art and heritage of Cleveland.

Professional singles in Cleveland are only the most eligible Cleveland singles, although they are busy, they too are eager to meet potential matches that they can share common interests with. Single professionals in Cleveland want to meet quality area singles that know what they want from life. Check out , there are more local professional singles then one can even imagine dating. Find your match effectively.

SinglesNet – Find Your Date Online!

Today is the day of virtual online relationships. SinglesNet is the place where you can find yourself a date - online. You would like to get to know many people and communicate with them for better acquaintance. The choice here is not limited to the few locals where you live; here you get to connect to people from all over the world, whoever signs up as members. All are looking for a little more than friendship and see if a regular relationship can be you have to do is sign up and fill a basic form about yourself and your preferences.

A number of existing members, matching your profile gets access to your account and then you are on your own. You can contact other members and check out whether you are compatible to the choices you have. Keep making contacts and keep your mind open; you never know when you get yourself a partner so that you can change your relationship status. It is happening to hundreds every day and you might get lucky one of these days onSinglesNet .New beginning can only be made by taking the initiative to join the world of singles, take a step in that direction.

You can upgrade your profile to make it appealing, highlight your positive traits and give a reflection of the kind of person you are and what kind of person you would like to be friendly with. Your dream mate could be anywhere, it is for you to reach out and make a connection through SinglesNet. So how do you find your date online - sign up for a free trial if you are apprehensive or just head for it by creating a profile, and do add a picture to make your profile attractive.

The way you dress yourself creates an impression on others; remember filling the details to create your profile is just that. Get a genuine honest appeal to your profile, and then you see the effect you can make on other members on the site. Even if you have had a previously failed relationship, don't give up but live your life to the fullest. Start a new chapter of your life with the help of SinglesNet

Dating Advice- The Top 5 Obstacles to Being a Chooser

Dating Advice: The Top 5 Obstacles to Being a Chooser

Many singles today are insecure and struggle with being the chooser Instead, they submissively let others make the choices. Being the chooser means taking the initiative and responsibility for your outcomes by seeking to create what you want in your life and relationships.

As a Chooser, you are aware that you always have choices and are never stuck but many singles are and here the top reasons why:

1. Lack of self-esteem and self-worth

Too many people suffer from low self-esteem and self-worth. These are learned attitudes that come from our earliest relationships and through thousands of hours of role modeling from our parents, family members and friends. If those relationships contained dysfunctional behaviours, it can only interfere with our ability to have successful relationships and being a chooser.

No matter what type of role modeling you received, you can choose to have a new paradigm and it starts with accepting, valuing and loving yourself. If you have difficulty in overcoming the limiting beliefs that cause your low self-esteem and self-worth, then go and get some help. Do it for you.

2. Fear of Failure

Fear of failure and rejection is an issue that most people have experienced. It prevents us from being vulnerable. Without the willingness to be vulnerable, we will never build loving, lasting relationships in life. That's because there is no better way to earn a person's trust in a relationship than by making ourselves vulnerable.

Yet our society encourages us to avoid vulnerability, to never fail, to always demonstrate confidence and strength. So for people who have low self-esteem, fear of failure becomes especially difficult. They believe they are not worthy of a loving relationship and this creates strong feelings of fear!

Being the chooser is the answer to the fear of failure and rejection. So combat your fear by taking action. Be aware that you have choices!

3. Not Trusting Your Intuition

We were given intuition for a reason. Our intuition is our inner warning and guidance system. Trust your intuition. Be aware of it. Pay attention to it. Have the courage to be guided by it.

Intuition can and will guide you to make good choices. It can also alert you to any red flags you may overlook and save you from heartache and making the wrong choices.

4. Being the Victim

The opposite of being a victim is being a Chooser.

Let's fact it. We live in a victim culture. Everyday we read or hear about it's the other guy's fault that our economy is a mess, lose money in the stock market, a business fails, or get a divorce. While victim-hood might make us feel better and in the right, it also makes us feel helpless and perpetuates our problems.

So what is it that you want? A fulfilling life and relationship? A loving family? Success in your work? I've learned that to get what you want, you must be the Chooser.

5. Not Developing Your Road Map for Life

If you don't know where you are going, how will you get there? How will you be able to make good choices?

By not knowing what you want in life and in a relationship, you relegate yourself to the passenger seat of life and someone else becomes the driver and takes charge and control over your life.

So take the time to figure out your life vision, define your goals and values, and your relationship requirements. It takes hard work. But do it anyway. Be in control of your life! Be the Chooser!